Student-athletes on the Elite Sport Programme are treated as exceptionally talented individuals who are backed up by the full force of a dedicated sport performance support team.

The Elite Sport Programme (ESP) allows student-athletes to develop and compete in their sport while studying for a degree. We understand the motivations of the student-athlete and provide support to allow an individual to reach their full potential as an athlete while gaining a fantastic education. The ESP provides student-athletes with expert coaching, sport science support and academic support within an elite sport environment. The ESP is student centred to create a professional environment for individuals to excel. Eligible student-athletes have access to our strength and conditioning laboratory and coaches, access to our sport therapy clinic, frequent physiological performance testing, regular one-to-one support with academic staff, access to sport-specific facility and university gym, and lifestyle improvement workshops. Our exceptional programme ensures that all student-athletes receive high-level coaching and performance programming from a sport-specific Head Coach. 


Track and Field Athletics

The elite track and field athletics programme is based at the university’s England Athletics recognised track and field stadium, a short walk from the King Alfred campus. Unlike other universities, we provide the full offering to all of our ESP student-athletes as well as an experienced and proven head coach to oversee performance development. If you want to experience training like a professional track and field athlete while gaining your degree, the University of Winchester is for you.

To create the elite sporting environment, student-athletes are provided with the following support services completely free:

Sport-specific Head Coach to oversee performance development with up to 12 hours of stadium-based coaching per week
 - Individualised yearly planning with close relationship maintained with home club where required

Use of exceptional sport facility for training
 - Unlimited use of the university’s track and field athletics stadium

Access to sport therapy and physiotherapy
 - Physiotherapy treatment at the Winchester Health Clinic
 - Sport Therapy Clinic offering free remedial massage and injury treatment

Access to Strength and Conditioning
- Multiple sessions per week overseen by fully qualified S&C coach

Free access to the university gym

Physiological performance testing
- Pre, mid and post testing in the physiology laboratory

Academic and lifestyle support through Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) Dual Career programme
- Weekly meetings with dual career coordinator

Free Elite Student membership with Winchester & District Athletics Club
- Further training with discipline-specific coaches and senior athletes

Chance to receive sport scholarship
- Total of £1500 over three years

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for the programme, an athlete must have achieved the minimum performance levels below and/or received a representative vest at county or county schools level or above at age U17 upwards.

Apply for the Elite Sport Programme via ths application form 

TASS Dual Career Eligibility

The University of Winchester is an accredited Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) Dual Career provider. As an accredited provider, the university supports talented athletes on the academic side of their development because we recognise the challenge of balancing high-performance sport and university study.

TASS Dual Career Provision

• Dedicated member of staff to support academic progression
• Weekly meetings with TASS academic staff
• Lifestyle and performance support workshops
• Access to sport performance support
• Assignment deadline extensions where necessary

TASS Dual Career Eligibility

A TASS Dual Career athlete will be competing at a senior or age group national standard (i.e., national open events across England) or higher (i.e., international) or is a member of a regional group (i.e., South of England Development Squad) or higher (i.e., National Development Group). In recognition of team sports, such as football and rugby where participation numbers are high, local regional level athletes will be considered. To apply for TASS Dual Career click the link here.

Apply for the TASS Dual Career via the application form.


Sports Excellence Scholarship Award

New full-time undergraduate students are invited to apply for one of two awards of £500 in each year of study. All sports are considered for this award. Recipients of the award will be expected to contribute to a University Sports Team or train, coach and advise University Sports Teams. This award is only available to students paying the full £9,250 full-time fee and, therefore, is not available to sponsored students (including where fees are paid by the NHS or similar organisation). Terms and conditions can be found in our policies and regulations page.

Apply for the Sports Excellence Scholarship Award via this application form.