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Inga Bryden is Professor of Cultural History and Head of Research Environment and Impact in Research and Innovation. Previously she was Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange in the Faculty of Arts. Before her appointment at Winchester she taught at Exeter University, and she also undertook research and voluntary work in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, India, between 1999 and 2003. Her research interests span literary, visual, and material cultures, with a focus on interdisciplinary ways of interpreting places and spaces

She has published several books as well as a range of chapters and articles on subjects such as graffiti and urban space; the Victorian Arthurian Revival; literature and architecture, and the representation of domestic interiors.

In 2000 Professor Bryden curated the exhibition Pichhavai Paintings (shown at the British Council, New Delhi, and the Royal Commonwealth Society, London). She has presented papers at over 40 conferences in the UK and abroad, and given public talks at national societies, museums, and to cultural and artistic networks.

Professor Bryden has served on international panels reviewing grant applications for the Academy of Finland's Research Council for Culture and Society (2016-2018; 2021) and The Trans-Atlantic Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities (Social Innovation Call (2019)).


Areas of expertise

  • Literature and culture, from Victorian Britain to the contemporary
  • Medievalism
  • Visual and material cultures
  • Cultural geography (urban and domestic)
  • Architecture, literature and culture



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Refereed articles

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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

  • `Belief in Burberry: How a Fashion Business Reinvents its Iconic Status', with S. Bartlett and D. Birks, International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes Journal (2014)


  • `Managing the Field: An Overview of Regulations for Creative or Practice-based Doctorates' in J. Boyce-Tillman et al, PaR for the Course: Issues Involved in the Development of Practice-Based Doctorates in the Performing Arts (HEA, 2012)

Performances, Exhibitions and Installations

?Curated exhibitions

  • Pichhavai Paintings (British Council, New Delhi, Sept-Oct 2000; Royal Commonwealth Society, London, Oct-Dec 2000) With exhibition catalogue.?
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