Programme approval and accreditation

Programme Approval and Accreditation Details

The purpose of Programme Approval is to validate a new programme of study or revalidate an existing programme to ensure it will provide a high-quality academic experience for students. 

We have a well-founded reputation for quality in learning, teaching and assessment and is committed to sustaining an active community of learners with an emphasis on inclusion, diversity and student achievement. The University seeks to achieve this through the provision of dynamic and progressive learning experiences which emphasise autonomy, independence and life-long learning which give our students confidence, skills and knowledge for life.

At the heart of all the University's learning and teaching activities is its commitment to its Mission Statement which seeks To educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the common good.

Programme Approval and Withdrawal Guidelines

The process of Programme Approval is an important contribution to meeting that statement. Our Programme Approval processes and procedures apply to all programmes awarded by the University of Winchester.

For further details, see our Policies and Regulations.

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies Register

This Register records the validated programmes of our accreditation or recognition from Professional, Statutory, or Regulatory bodies’

Find out more, download our Register of Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies October 2022.