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Professor Kate Adams is Professor of Education and Childhood and Director of Research and Kowledge Exchange. She joined the University of Winchester in Oct. 2017, having previously fulfilled the role of Head of Research at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln.

Prior to joining Bishop Grosseteste University in 2005, Kate worked as a primary teacher before gaining a PhD in education from the University of Glasgow. She has lectured at the University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde and the University of Paisley in Education Studies, Religious Education and Professional Studies on PGCE and non-QTS degrees. 

Kate is on the editorial board for the Journal of Religious Education and the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality. She reviews for the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, British Journal of Religious Education, Journal of Religious Education and Dreaming. Her research findings have made impact beyond the academic community, appearing in publications as diverse as The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, Reader’s Digest and BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. She also writes a blog for Psychology Today.




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Edited journals

  • Adams, K. (2017) (ed.) Spirituality and the whole child: interdisciplinary approaches. Special issue, International Journal of Children's Spirituality

Peer-reviewed journals

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Book chapters

  • Adams, K. (2017) Childhoods past and present: A reflexive approach to enhancing children’s spiritual wellbeing, in: M. de Souza and A. Halafoff (eds) Re-Enchanting Education: Spiritual wellbeing, belonging, identity and meaning-making for global citizens. London: Routledge. 123-134
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