Come to Winchester to experience and reflect on the creativity, beauty and compassion in life – to explore the mystery of life and grow in wisdom and love.

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Chaplaincy at the University of Winchester

About Us

We celebrate the Anglican Christian foundation that is at the heart of the University. A heart that is broad and inclusive! We enjoy the presence of a diversity of religious and spiritual groups and value all faith perspectives as well as those people with no religious belief.

We value religious ways of knowing and provide opportunities for students and staff to explore spirituality both within and outside the curriculum. We believe that everyone expresses their spirituality through a unique collage of values, disciplines and practices. You will be supported to explore your spiritual self, try new things, engage with the big and deep questions of life, and stand up for what you believe in: so as grow in integrity and wisdom and really make a difference in the world.

We seek to challenge staff and students’ thinking, give you a chance to experience and reflect on the creativity, beauty and compassion in life, and develop the resilience and resourcefulness you will need to seize the opportunities and face the challenges of a successful career and a fulfilling life, and grow in the wisdom and love, compassion and justice that the planet needs.

Chaplaincy team

Our Chaplaincy team is here for everyone. We are based in the Main Building, room 30, next door to the Chapel and are here to provide support for all members of the University community.

Dean of Spiritual Life: Revd Dr Terry Biddington

After many years spent working in university chaplaincy and the voluntary sector, Terry arrived at Winchester early in 2017. His role combines oversight of the chaplaincy and the strategic development of the University’s spirituality value. Whilst engaged in some teaching, his work has a research focus. He is married to Jayne and has three daughters and five grandchildren.

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University Chaplain: Revd Chris Day

Chris was a theology student here between 1998 and 2001.  She was ordained in 2004 and after working within parish ministry and as Anglican Chaplain at the University of Southampton she returned to Winchester in 2014 as Chaplain. “Space, Presence and Engagement” are the focus of her predominantly pastoral ministry in which she provides room, silence, accompaniment, a listening ear and aims to encourage and help people to connect with the other and others.


Chaplain to Buddhist Students: Dr Simon Roffey

Simon first experienced Buddhism whilst in India and Nepal in 1992, learning meditation at the Tibetan Monastery at Kopan, Nepal. Since that time he has practised with most of the mainstream Buddhist traditions in the UK but also abroad including in France, USA and Japan. In 2001, Simon was invited to train as a guest student at the San Francisco Zen Centre. On return to England he carried on training primarily in the Zen tradition taking up formal study in the Sanbo Zen tradition in 2012.  Simon is currently engaged in a programme of traditional Koan study. In 2016, he was Interim Chairman for the setting up of the Jizo Zen Centre, London and is currently Chairman of the Oxford Zen Centre. He trained as a Buddhist chaplain under the guidance of Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana, Buddhist Chaplain for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society and also teaches, and conducts research, on the subject of the archaeology of Buddhism

There are weekly Meditation Classes: Mondays in the Anchorage 1-2pm

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Chaplain to Muslim Students:  Shaykh Rizwan Al Azhari

Shaykh Rizwan is an Islamic scholar and teacher. He is a graduate of Al Karam school and its Islamic Studies Department, Al Azhar University in Cairo and Cambridge Muslim College. He is currently the Head Imam in Bashir Ahmed Mosque in Southampton and serves as religious advisor to the Muslim Council of Southampton.


Each year the Chaplaincy also employs a Student Worker who can be contacted on

Chapel and worship

The Chapel is in the middle of the Campus, and offers a wonderful space place for silence, meditation, and worship.

Each week there are different activities:

  • 12.12 Monday to Thursday, (term time only) Midday Prayer
  • 7pm Monday evenings, (term time only) Christian Union
  • 12.12pm Wednesday lunchtime, Ecumenical Holy Communion
  • 7pm Thursday evenings, (term time only)  Student Christian Movement and Potato+
  • 12.12 Friday, (term time only) Space for Silence: using a variety of formats
  • 7pm Sunday evenings, (term time only) Compline/Night Prayer

We offer other events and activities to suit a variety of tastes and worship styles – all welcome! A programme is available from the Chapel for each semester, or you can get one by emailing us at

Our facilities and groups

We have a beautiful Chapel and Anchorage meditation space, choirs and singing groups, the richness of a number of different on-campus faith groups, a Muslim Prayer Room, a Cosmic Walk, and wonderful green spaces for silence, contemplation and relaxation.

The chaplaincy is affiliated to Inclusive Churchthe Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals and Eco Church.

The Prayer Room in Main Building is open each day.  A new Contemplation Space is coming soon.

Pastoral Care and Spiritual Direction

The chaplaincy team is available for confidential one-to-one meetings for pastoral discussions of any sort, by appointment or on a drop-in basis (please enquire at the Student Services desk). Spiritual Direction/Prayer Guidance is also available on request.

Local faith communities

There a booklet of local faith contacts available in the Chapel to help you connect with your local faith community.