Come to Winchester to experience and reflect on the creativity, beauty and compassion in life – to explore the mystery of life and grow in wisdom and love.

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We celebrate our Anglican Christian foundation and welcome people of all faiths and none. We believe that everyone expresses their spirituality through a unique collage of values, disciplines and practices. Working and studying here will give you a chance to experience and reflect on the creativity, beauty and compassion in life – together, we aim to explore the mystery of life and grow in wisdom and love.

Our passion is to see students and staff grow as a whole person. It is safe to try new things here, to stand up for what you believe in. You will be supported to engage with the big and deep questions of life, to bring about change and really make a difference. We seek to challenge and develop staff and students’ thinking, enabling them to develop in wisdom for a fulfilling life as well as the knowledge they need for a successful career. Our students and staff will have the resilience and resourcefulness to seize the opportunities and face the challenges of life. 

We value religious ways of knowing and provide opportunities for students and staff to explore spirituality both within and outside the curriculum. Most students can elect to study modules related to ethics and spirituality during their time with us.

Our Christian foundation is at the heart of the University and that heart is broad and inclusive. We enjoy the presence of a diversity of religious and spiritual groups and the perspectives of those with no faith.

We have a chapel, a Muslim prayer room, a cosmic walk, religious choirs, a Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace and a number of different faith groups. Within a culture of intellectual enquiry, we hope to create an open and tolerant environment in which to explore the ‘big’ questions together.

Chaplaincy team

Our Chaplaincy team is here for everyone. We are based in the Main Building, room 30, next door to the Chapel. Drop in and see us – the kettle is always on! The Chaplain plus a team of staff and students are there to provide support for those with a Christian faith, those of other faiths and those with no faith across the whole University community.

Chapel and worship

The Chapel is in the middle of the King Alfred Campus, and gives us a natural place for Christian worship and activity for people whatever their background and experience.

Each week there are different chances to worship:

  • 8.30am Monday to Friday, Morning Prayer
  • 7pm Monday evenings, Christian Union
  • 12.12pm Wednesday lunchtime, Ecumenical Holy Communion

We offer other events and activities to suit a variety of tastes and worship styles – all welcome! A programme is available from the Chapel for each semester, or you can get one by emailing us.

Music Centre

The University of Winchester Music Centre the music for special services, and gives you a chance to get involved, whatever your singing standard.

Muslim Prayer room and Faith Space

There is also a Muslim prayer room in the main building, and a Faith Space will be coming to a building near you before long.

Faith community

We have produced a booklet of local contacts to help you connect with your local faith community. This is available through our internal internet pages or by emailing us.

Contact us

For more information, get in touch with us at  or ring 01962 827246.

Looking forward to meeting you – it’s a great place to be at University.