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The University of Winchester’s employability and engagement department are dedicated to ensuring impartiality, confidentiality and equality of opportunity in the delivery of our services. Through our Volunteering, Placements and Career Service teams, we strive to offer professional and helpful support to organisations and students alike. 

CareerConnect – Free Vacancy advertising service

The University of Winchester would like to invite you to use our free vacancy advertising service, CareerConnect. This brilliant site allows you to promote a variety of opportunities:

  • Graduate jobs and schemes for final year students and recent graduates 
  • Casual, temporary, fixed-term or part-time roles for our current students 
  • Internships, placements, vacation schemes or work experience 
  • Volunteering opportunities 

To advertise your opportunities on CareerConnect, please: 


  • Create a company profile and link your vacancies to this. This option allows you to create a company profile to present your organisation in more detail, as well as add opportunities and create events. To create a company profile, head to winchester.jobteaser.com


  • Post an individual opportunity. This option allows you to track its progress live (when it is validated, how many views it has had, how many students have applied etc.), archive it when necessary, or modify it. To create a job add, head to winchester.jobteaser.com

Contributing to careers presentations/workshops and events

Throughout the academic year, the University of Winchester’s Career Service are planning to run a series of career focused eventsContributing to events such as 'Careers in…' talks or 'Preparing for interview' workshops are just two of the ways in which you can get involved. Employers interested in giving their time and expertise to careers events are greatly appreciated. Your organisation's name and/or logo will be included on our intranet, which is one of the ways we promote events to students. 

Opportunities also exist to sponsor our events. If your organisation would like to contribute to these events please email jobs@winchester.ac.uk. 

Take on a placement student

Building futures together

A work placement is a chance for a student to gain valuable practical experience in a real working environment. It is also an approved period of assessed learning within the workplace and should be relevant to their course. 

The length of the work placement will depend on the course of study and your requirements. Typical placement types include:

  • Semester long placement (15 days Part-time 1-2 days a week) 
  • Academic year placement (30 days Part-time 1-2 days a week)
  • Short term or Vacation long placement (Full-time) 
  • Sandwich year (Full-time)


‘59% of graduates that were hired by our Top Undergraduate Employers were former interns and placement students’
Ratemyplacement.co.uk 2019


Benefits to you

Taking on a work placement student from the University of Winchester can offer a range of benefits to your company: 

  • An additional resource for a short-term project or change initiative  
  • Access to enthusiastic, motivated individuals with fresh ideas that can bring modern professional skills into your workplace 
  • A low-risk recruitment method, saving you time and money 
  • Contributes to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility  
  • Early access to the best talent with a high proportion of graduates choosing to stay in the region 
  • An opportunity to strengthen links with the University, which could lead to research collaboration

What we will do for you

  • Advertise your placement free of charge on your behalf via our dedicated jobs intranet site ‘Career Connect’  
  • Target appropriate students for your placement 
  • Offer a variety of career and networking events to which we welcome employers  
  • Provide the student with a training session prior to the placement  


Placements are a period of assessed learning in a workplace included in a course and lasting up to a year. The University greatly appreciates the time and effort from employers to help students gain valuable skills for their future, please view our employer guide here for further details. Our placements team would be delighted to discuss this and any opportunities for collaboration further. 

To find out more about where our students could work for you, please contact workplacements@winchester.ac.uk or call us on +44 (0)1962 827232 


Employ a Winchester Graduate

Why should I employ a graduate? 

  • Graduates are a brilliant investment, according to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau ‘Graduates contribute approximately £1 billion of added value to the UK economy on an annual basis’. They are also an affordable investment with many graduate starting salaries ranging from £20,000-£30,000 (dependent on industry and training).  
  • Although they need more direction and training, it’s hard to find the same passion and enthusiasm in more experience employees. Graduate’s will have the most UpToDate industry training and knowledge, along with a passion for self-improvement and professional development.  
  • With the correct support and guidance, you will be able to mould a graduate into an exemplar employee. Employing recent graduates can be crucial for succession planning and business development.
  • Having a graduate in the office can also add to the team’s diversity by offering new perspectives and innovative ideas.  
  • Throughout their degree graduates have developed brilliant written and oral communication, learned how to give a confident and well research presentation and honed their problem-solving and data analysis skills. These are transferable skill which are useful in any industry or role.  

Why should I employ a Winchester Graduate?  

At Winchester our students graduate with more than just a degree. We encourage them to demonstrate a passion for social justice, engage in environmentally friendly practices and recognise that individuals matter. We create driven graduates who are supported by our Career Service for life.  

If you are interested in recruiting or engaging with our Graduates please email: jobs@winchester.ac.uk.

Employ a Winchester Student

Why should I employ a student?  

If you are looking for a part-time employee who is passionate about Winchester and the local community, students are the perfect candidates. They have actively chosen to work, live and study in Winchester for a minimum of three years. During this time, they will contribute massively to the local economy and Winchester’s cultural landscape. They want to invest in Winchester so Winchester should invest in them.  

Students attend University to become experts in their field, to improve themselves and their future potential. Therefore, they are striving to be the best they can be, and this translates into their part-time employment. Their willingness to learn, attention to detail, and desire to work to the best of their ability could lead to them being your star employee.  

We recommend that students work no more than 15 hours a week (during term time), this is to avoid part-time work having a negative impact on their studies. However, students can often be extremely flexible with their hours, often selecting to work less during exam periods and (dramatically) increasing hours during peak periods (such as Christmas and Easter) this can be helpful to both the student and you, the employer.  

Our students are enthusiastic individuals. As a student employer, you can positively impact your employee’s career:  

  • By training and enabling them in a safe and secure environment, you can help them realise their potential.  
  • Through developing their skills and confidence, you can give them their first taste of responsibility.
  • Most importantly, you can show them what a good employer looks like and empower them to recognise brilliant employer practices, as they embark on their career journey.  

Although our students may not continue to work in your industry, the experience will develop their transferable skills, customer service talents and overall professionalism. Positively impacting their future employability. 

The University of Winchester would like to invite you to advertise any Part-time vacancies on our CareerConnect jobs board. By doing so your vacancy will be seen by thousands of our students. If you would like help posting a job or setting up a Company Profile, please email jobs@winchester.ac.uk for further support and information regarding student and graduate employment.

What makes Winchester different?

For further information, please contact us:

Email: jobs@winchester.ac.uk  
Tel: +44 (0)1962 827305

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