Classroom with learning equipment

The University of Winchester and Castle Hill Junior School have joined in partnership to create Juniversity. The aim is to raise children’s aspirations and make a real difference to the local community by creating a beacon of excellence within the field of teacher education and a space where dynamic teachers and future school leaders will flourish and grow.

The Juniversity initiative will combine the innovation of the outstanding Castle Hill Junior School with the creativity of the teachers of the future at the University of Winchester, making a positive impact on the education and development of children and young people.

Juniversity aims to:

  • Provide targeted intervention in areas of particular social deprivation, poverty or social exclusion where otherwise the life chances of children may be limited
  • Create a unique building which will be the setting for all teaching and learning within the Juniversity, using state-of-the-art design and facilities
  • Pioneer the development of new and creative teaching techniques, with involvement of a variety of partners to encourage new types of learning
  • Enable the sharing of information, providing a blueprint to introduce to other schools and settings, both nationally and internationally.

For further information about Juniversity, please email Alison.Lawrence1@winchester.ac.uk

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