HELP Hampshire Stroke Clinic

The Health-Enhancing Lifestyle Programme (HELP) for Stroke in Hampshire is a community-based exercise and education clinic designed to improve the health and quality of life of stroke survivors.

About the Programme

Help Hampshire provides an excellent opportunity to better understand your current state of health and how you can work towards improving it using our resources by working with our specialist health care practitioners. Taking part in the Clinic will enhance the physical and social quality of life for people living with stroke by reducing the likelihood of secondary stroke through low-cost, flexible, community-based education and exercise clinics.

The clinic consists of an 12-week personalised exercise programme, with participants advised to take part in at least two group-based sessions each week. Stroke survivors will be referred to the clinic from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and local GP and physiotherapy practices. The exercise sessions will be complemented with online educational material. All participants will be re-assessed on completion of their 12-week exercise programme, and will be assessed annually thereafter.

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Praise for HELP Hampshire

Prof. Faulkner has been voted one of 100 ‘Nation’s Lifesavers’ by Universities UK in their MadeatUni campaign for his HELP Hampshire initiative. Read James' story on the MadeatUni website.