About Winchester University Press


Winchester University Press (WUP) offers a growing number of titles in a wide variety of subjects.

Our mission is to enhance research and spread knowledge through the publication of titles of high academic quality in the fields of the arts, education, humanities and social sciences. WUP has a special interest in titles that relate to the literature, history and culture of the city of Winchester, the county of Hampshire and the region of Wessex.

WUP is managed by a Management Board and two General Editors:

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WUP Series

The Education in Context Series

This series aims to explore new theoretical and methodological directions in educational research. Education is conceptualised as an ongoing process which occurs both inside and outside the classroom within a range of historical and geographical settings. Titles will draw on interdisciplinary and transnational methodologies to emphasise the relationship between education and society across time and place.

Series Editor: Dr Sue Anderson-Faithful.

The Theodore Dreiser Edition Series

The Dreiser Edition Series publishes scholarly editions of the writings and other primary documents of Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945), who is universally recognised as one of the principal figures of twentieth-century American literature. His centrality stems from the permanence of his best fiction, his influence on realist fiction, and from his pre-eminence in American cultural life during the first half of the twentieth century. Dreiser's literary stature and his activist stance toward the major literary, social, and political issues of his day, has made him a focal point in efforts to understand the vital and turbulent period in which he flourished.

Series Editor: Prof. Jude Davies

The Winchester Series

The Winchester Series will publish works with a connection to Winchester and the wider historical Kingdom of Wessex, reaching from the Channel to Hadrian’s Wall, and the Diocese from Greater London down to Devon. This might include new editions of previously published works, accompanied by introductory essays and annotations, works of general, regional interest, or else academic studies in areas such as history, sociology, law, psychology, criminology, archaeology, education, geography, business, and literary and cultural study. Indeed, the Series remit will consider book proposals in any subject area providing they contribute to the knowledge base related to the city and its wider region.

Series Editor: Prof. Christopher Mulvey

The Preface Series

The Preface Series stands at the intersection of creative practice and critical interrogation. Each title consists of an extended piece of writing in a chosen form (prose, poetry, script) alongside a self-reflective commentary on the nature and construction of the piece, written by the authors themselves. Following in the tradition of writers such as Henry James, who produced insightful commentaries on their own works, Preface Series titles are both innovative, creative works and sophisticated reflections on the nature of the creative process.

Series Editor: Prof. Christopher Mulvey

The Iconic Movie Images Series

The Winchester University Press Iconic Movie Images Series will publish works on indelible film images that have continued to resonate across time and space outside the film text. Titles might explore iconic images from a single director’s work or instead focus ideas on a theme, examining movie images that convey a particular mood, subject or place.

The Series hails the film image as a valued cultural form that has the capacity to cut across boundaries of art and popular culture. Studies will track the life of the image from its movie origin through to creative reproductions within new contexts, looking at how traditional and emerging arts and technologies breathe new life into film images in a powerful, reciprocal relationship.

Series Editor: Prof. Laura Hubner