Students and money frequently asked questions

We have compiled all our frequently asked questions into to one place for your reference. However, if you have a question that hasn't been answered in this section, please email: 

What are the contact details for Student Finance?


How do I apply for a student loan?

You can apply online for your student loan at the relevant website; please see the contact details above for the relevant link.

New entrants are advised to complete their applications during April and no later than by the end of May preceding​ your entry, for your application to be processed for the start of term. However, you can apply up until nine months after the start date of your course.


When will I receive my student loan?

If you have applied before the deadline set by Student Finance, the first instalment of your maintenance support should reach your bank account on or around the first teaching day, depending upon whether you start in September or January, provided you have:

  • Applied for and received an approved application from Student Finance
  • You have fully registered and enrolled at the University

Please note; for those starting in September, you will not receive your funds in time for Welcome Week, so you will need to have sufficient funds available to cover all your expenses during Welcome Week and until your maintenance support has cleared in your bank account. 

The second and third instalments of your support will be paid directly into your bank account either in January and May or May and September, respectively, depending on when your academic year starts.

You can check your payment schedule by accessing your online Student Finance account. 


How do I apply for a bursary?

Income-based Bursaries are awarded by the University of Winchester based on the assessment of household income as carried out by Student Finance; In order for us to award the bursary, you need to make sure you have made an application for the means-tested element to Student Finance who will then advise the University of the household income. This can only be done if you (and your parents) consent to share this information. If eligible, you will receive confirmation during the first semester and payment will be made in March .



How will my bursary be paid?

If you are eligible, the University ​Income-Based Bursary will be paid into your bank account in March. The exact payment date will be on your Bursary Entitlement letter.


Why haven't I been awarded a bursary even though I meet all the criteria?

You need to have made an application for a student loan, including the means-tested element in order to be assessed for a University Income-based Bursary.

  • If you have applied for a loan, either telephone Student Finance or Share Information via the application in your online account to give your consent to share your information with the University. If your parents have supported your application, they will also need to give their consent via Student Finance.

  • If you have not yet applied for a student loan, you need to make an application to Student Finance even if you decide not to take the loans. This creates a record for you on the system which we use to pay the University's financial support. You will need to do this each year of your studies.

Does the University provide support for current students experiencing financial difficulties?

The Winchester Learning Support Fund is available for full-time and part-time UK students experiencing exceptional, unforeseen hardship, particularly final year students, single parents, students with dependents and students with additional needs. Students can only apply to the Fund if they are a current student at the University.

For more information on the Winchester Learning Support Fund, please contact Student Support on 01962 or email


How do I pay for University housing and how much do I need to pay?

For information regarding University housing costs and payment options, please see our student accommodation section

Are part-time students able to apply for student loans?

Yes; Tuition Fee Loans are available to UK and EU undergraduates who start their course after September 2012 provided they are studying at least 25 per cent of an equivalent full-time course in the relevant academic year. 

New students starting a part-time course from 2018/19 are also able to apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with the cost of living.

To find out more about Loans, please see the relevant Student Finance website.

Am I able to receive a bursary as a part-time student?

​No; to receive these awards, you must be studying full-time and paying the full tuition fee.

I'm not sure I'm receiving the correct amount from Student Finance; what can I do?

If your parents are supporting your application, please make sure that they have submitted all their evidence for an income assessment. It is possible that Student Finance have agreed to give you the minimum amount of funding as an interim measure if they are waiting for further details.

If your parents or sponsors think that the income assessment is incorrect, they will need to contact Student Finance.

I've applied for Student Finance, but originally chose a different university. How can I change this?

You will need to log into your online account with Student Finance and go to:

Your Account > Change your application > University/college and course

You will then be able to update the information to select University of Winchester and select the appropriate course.

It will ask you to confirm term dates and the tuition fee for your course, which is currently £9,250.

If you have already enrolled with us, you may not be able to make this change yourself. You will need to visit Registry Services on the first floor of the Main Building and ask them to submit a Change of Circumstances form.

How do I apply for a National Insurance number?

You will need to contact the National Insurance number application line on 0345 600 0643. Further information can be found on the website.

I haven't heard about my Student Finance application; what can I do?

You will be notified in writing once your application has been approved. You can check the status of your application via your online account with Student Finance; this will also indicate if Student Finance are waiting for any further evidence from you. 

My Student Finance application hasn't been approved; can I still enrol?

As long as you can provide evidence that you have submitted an application to Student Finance, you will be able to enrol. You will need to provide a screenshot of your online Student Finance account, and if you have any correspondence, please bring it with you when you come to enrol.

It is recommended that you also meet with a member of the Students and Money team who will be able to provide further guidance with your Student Finance application.  Please email to arrange an appointment.

Student Finance are not accepting my proof of identity; what can I do?

You need to pay careful attention to the definitions of a "person of good standing" on the Applicant's Declaration of Identity Form (ADIF). Student Finance will only accept an Identity Confirmation Form signed by a person on this list.

Can I pay my tuition fees online?

You can find out more information about how tuition fee loans work and how the fees are paid on the undergraduate financial information web page.

If you are looking to pay your fees online visit the Online Payments web page.