Studying abroad as part of your degree

Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad allows you to spend part of your university course studying overseas at one of our partner universities in the USA, Canada or Europe.

Alternatively, there is the opportunity for shorter term study trips organised by your course at Winchester.


An exchange means that you spend an extended period studying at a partner university. At Winchester this is usually for a full semester in your 2nd year, however, a full year may be available for your course. Studying abroad immerses you in the culture of the country and the life of the overseas university.

Taking part in an exchange has many benefits:

We offer financial support to eligible students. You will continue to pay tuition fees to Winchester and no tuition fees are paid to your host (which is often much cheaper than if you were to study there independently)

Short term trips

Short term visits - or Field Trips - are an intensive overseas experience for students and staff lasting up to two weeks. This could be visiting a partner university or organisation, or a trip that travels around. 

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Where can I go?

We currently have 13 partner Universities across USA, Canada and Europe. If you decide to study abroad as part of your degree, you can study at any of the following institutions:





Information for outgoing students

The Study Abroad programmes offer you the opportunity to Study Abroad at one of our partner Universities. You can apply for the exchange programme if you are currently a full-time first year student, or, if you are a second year Accounting and Finance student or BSc Psychology student.

You cannot take part if you are studying any of the following programmes:

Please note:

If you are offered a place on the exchange during Semester 1, you will be expected to stay at your host. University for the Fall Semester between late August and mid-December (dates vary), before returning to the UK in time for the start of the second Semester of Year 2 in early January.

If you are offered a place on the exchange during Semester 2, you will attend as normal here in Winchester for Semester 1 and then you will be expected to stay at your host University for the Spring Semester between January - May (dates vary).

Other information

Conditions for participation

  • Satisfactory completion of all modules for Year 1
  • You must be aware of the financial implications of the visa and exchange programme
  • You must demonstrate that you have researched the institution to which you have applied, and must show an appreciation for the cultural, economical and social differences and understanding what this would mean to you as an individual
  • You have been accepted at your host institution
  • An understanding of the modules you will take whilst abroad
  • If you need to change your modules for any reason you must inform the Study Abroad Coordinators of your intention and the details of the replacement module - before making the change
  • The University of Winchester is not obliged to accept any marks, grades or credits obtained in any assessment, essay or examination for modules studied other than those agreed with your Programme Leader and confirmed by the Study Abroad Coordinator.
  • Any unapproved deviation from the list of modules given above may seriously jeopardise your progression onto the final year of your programme here and the final award of your degree. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are taking the correct number of approved credits at the correct level
  • The University retains the right to withdraw its support for any student who fails to meet requirements for the exchange at any stage or any student guilty of misconduct prior to or during the exchange

Academia at host institution

Studying in a different country is a challenge and a joy. You should be aware of the difference in teaching style, assessment types, class sizes, contact with teachers and expectations.

Learning agreement

If you have a learning agreement at the University of Winchester please inform the Study Abroad Coordinators right away. We can help you set up a learning agreement in your host institution.

Credits abroad

You will be marked and graded at your host university. Depending on your institution these marks will be returned and we will convert them to Winchester credits only for semester abroad exchanges. All your modules (and module changes) must be approved with your programme leader in order to be eligible for credits at Winchester

Pre-departure meetings

Depending on your Study Abroad programme, the University prepares students for Study Abroad through pre-departure meetings. These sessions will prepare you for:

  • ​Application to host institution
  • Visa application and travel covers
  • Module selections at host university
  • Homesickness and cultural differences

These sessions are vital to prepare you for your Study Abroad programme Please check with the Study Abroad Coordinators when these sessions are run.

Semester dates

Please check with your host university the relevant semester information. You will normally be expected to arrive before traditional induction for international induction sessions. Please refer to the information provided from your host institution for more information.

Tuition fees

You will not pay any tuition fees to your host institution. As an exchange, you will continue to pay fees to the University of Winchester. 


Accommodation fees vary depending on the programme. Please see information from your host institution. In most cases you will be placed in University Halls.

Travel Cover

The University of Winchester will provide you with full Travel Cover for the duration of your Study Abroad programme.
Please read the Travel Cover documents to ensure that you are aware of the coverage, these will be provided to you upon successful application.
There are a few partner institutions who require students to be protected by additional host university insurance. If this is the case then you should take out the insurance required at your host institution. You will remain protected under the University of Winchester Travel Cover but cannot claim on both. Please refer to documents from your host institution for more information.

Visa information

​If you are studying outside of the EEA​ (European Economic Area)​ you will normally be required to get a visa. Please refer to the information regarding the visa you should apply for, and keep informed about costs. You will be required to arrange your own interview and pay for travel to/from the embassy.​ 

Finance support

  • Students exchanging to America or Canada we provide financial support from our Access Fund for students with a lower household income. We base this support on the SFE thresholds of £25,000 p.a. and £42,875 p.a.
  • Students who study abroad may also be eligible to apply for a Student Finance England Travel Grant, you can find out more on the government website for study abroad grants.
  • We apply for funding through the Turing scheme. Please contact

Finance abroad

You should ensure you complete the following actions:

  • Confirm with your current bank your intentions to Study Abroad
  • Ensure you are aware of emergency contact details for your bank (lost/stolen cards, money transfer, problems accessing online/mobile banking)
  • Have a 'safety net' of funds which you can access easily if required
  • Any money that is used as evidence to support your application to Study Abroad should be accessible to you should you require it (if it is in your parents/ guardians bank account then ensure that you have their contact details and they have your bank details to transfer money)
  • Be aware of the current exchange rate - and consider whether it is better to transfer money in sterling or using a 3rd party (outside of your bank) to exchange the money.
  • Be aware of charges for wiring/ transferring cash

Using your bank account abroad

There are various forms of online and mobile banking which could be used abroad. Ensure your bank knows you will be abroad during this period. Please check with your bank, account charges that might occur should you complete transactions abroad.